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Jul 5, 2017


How To Earn World Locks Much Faster In Growtopia

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  • How To Earn World Locks Much Faster In Growtopia

    In the following article, we are going to look at how a player can be able to earn lock quickly in Growtopia. This is ideal for both new beginners and pros in the game. The following tips will be able to help you out in the game:growtopia
    * In the game, make sure that you have friends to help you speed up the process of gaining of world locks. You may not be interested in playing with friends, growtopia but the moment you do so, you will be able to boost the process 20 times faster. Minimum friends needed will need to be three or two friends.
    * In Growtopia, you will need to find an ideal type of world name which no locks on it. If you are unable or not interested, the world lock cost will be much lower.
    * You can put any lock in the world. This can be big locks, small locks, huge locks, among others.
    * Once you have given friends that you trust access to your locks, you need to dig. Make sure that you dig up the entire world, which includes digging dirt, cave background, rocks, and lava.
    * You will need to plant all your seeds and destroy them. When you do this in Growtopia, you will be able to earn many gems and resources. You can also earn free gems by clicking growtopia cheats the option on earning free gems or watch videos to earn gems. When you do so, you will receive the recycling icon. This is achieved when you do so in the inventory.
    * When you the recycling icon, you can then recycle your lava, dirt and cave background. It will earn you around 200 or 300 gems. Make sure not to recycle the rocks.

    When you follow the above tips, you will be able to accumulate many gems. Once you add all the gems, you will have about 2000 gems. You can use these gems to buy a World Lock and your world. Once you buy, use the wrench icon on tap on the World Lock. Once you do that, you will need to click get World Key.…